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Magnolia Veterinary Services is committed to ensuring the well-being of your equine companions, which is why we offer a specialized large animal health certificate service for horses.

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Large Animal Health Certificates

Magnolia Veterinary Services is committed to offering complete equine health certificates for your horses’ well-being. Our experienced team of equine veterinarians conducts thorough health examinations and evaluations to provide comprehensive health certificates for your horses, facilitating their safe transportation. Whether you need to transport horses for shows, competitions, breeding, or relocation, our health certificates are designed to meet regulatory requirements and provide peace of mind during their journey.

Benefits of Comprehensive Equine Health Certificates

  • Compliance with Regulations: Large animal health certificates for horses are essential for complying with local, state, and international regulations for equine transportation. A valid and up-to-date health certificate ensures a smooth and legal travel experience for your horses.
  • Disease Prevention: Health certificates require a complete health assessment, including testing for contagious diseases. This helps identify potential health issues and prevents the spread of diseases among horses during transportation.
  • Smooth Travel Process: Health certificates streamline the movement process, as authorities can quickly verify the horses’ health status and documentation at checkpoints and border crossings, reducing the risk of delays or complications during travel.
  • Peace of Mind: Knowing that your horses have been thoroughly examined and certified as healthy for travel provides you with peace of mind and confidence in their well-being throughout the journey.
  • Access to Events and Competitions: Many equestrian events and competitions require health certificates as part of their entry requirements. By obtaining a health certificate, you can ensure that your horses are eligible to participate in these events, expanding your opportunities for equestrian pursuits.