PRV and Brucellosis Testing

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At Magnolia Veterinary Services, our dedicated veterinary team is equipped with the expertise and resources to conduct accurate and reliable PRV and Brucellosis testing for horses.

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PRV & Brucellosis Testing

(Not Offered as a Same Day Service)

We take the health of your horses seriously, which is why we offer a specialized large animal PRV (Pseudorabies Virus) and Brucellosis testing service. Both PRV and Brucellosis are significant infectious diseases that can affect horses and pose risks to other livestock and even humans.

Our experienced team of large animal veterinarians conducts thorough testing for PRV and Brucellosis to ensure the early detection of these diseases and implement appropriate measures for prevention and control. By utilizing our PRV and Brucellosis testing service, you can safeguard the health and well-being of your horses and contribute to the overall health of your equine community.

Benefits of Equine PRV and Brucellosis Testing

  • Disease Detection: PRV and Brucellosis testing allows for the early detection of these infectious diseases in horses, enabling prompt intervention and treatment to prevent the spread of the diseases to other animals and humans.
  • Herd Health Management: By testing all horses in a herd, you can identify and isolate infected individuals, preventing the diseases from spreading and maintaining the overall health and productivity of your equine population.
  • Compliance with Regulations: Many states and countries require PRV and Brucellosis testing for horses traveling across borders or participating in events. Our testing service ensures that your horses meet regulatory requirements, facilitating hassle-free travel and participation in competitions.
  • Public Health Protection: Brucellosis, in particular, is a zoonotic disease, meaning it can be transmitted from animals to humans. Testing for Brucellosis in horses protects the equine population and reduces the risk of human exposure and infection.
  • Peace of Mind: Regular PRV and Brucellosis testing provide horse owners with peace of mind, knowing their animals are healthy and free from these potentially serious diseases. This promotes a sense of confidence and security in managing their horses’ health and well-being.